Europe Day is happening on the 9th of May and our primary 6 pupils are taking part in an activity via Zoom in which they will compete against other primary schools in Europe and overseas 🌍, on May 10th. They will be answering a few questions about the European Union; key figures, flags, landmarks, etc.

My Big Friendly Guide to the European Union is a programme that aims to develope awareness and curiosity about the European Union and the role of every country in this big ‘club’. Moreover, this programme has been created by the University College Cork, in Ireland, and it has been funded by the European Commission.

This actitivy will last an hour and it will be driven in English. Over 6.000 pupils from Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Greece, Romania, Moldova and Armenia are also participating in the activity in order to celebrate Europe Day.

Before we start, we will say hi to each other in every country’s official language. 👋

To conclude, Mr Barry Andrews, Member of the European Parliament 👨‍💼, will thank the pupils and the people involved, and he will adress some important topics and respond to a few questions.

We hope to enjoy this new experience to the fullest! 👍