Dual High School Diploma

The Dual High School Diploma is a program that allows the students to get a double certificate: a High School Diploma certificate from both their country of origin and the United States. By taking this program, the students will study in two different schools at the same time; they will take on-site classes at their home country school and virtual classes at the american school.




Students will be able to validate up to 75% of the 24 credits needed to get a High School Diploma. Therefore, Academica will give credits to the students on the modules they have completed in their home country school, so that the studetns who choose to study the Dual High School Diploma will only have to take 6 courses in order to obtain their american Diploma. The international agreements Academica has reached and the quality of the program allow the students to get the highest validation: 75% of the 24 credits needed to obatain the American High School Diploma. 

Four of these six courses are mandatory and the other two are optional. Therfore, the students are allowed to take some courses that are not included in the european curriculum and it may be exciting for the students to expand their knowledge of vocabulary on courses that would not be taught in english; digital photography, criminology, psychology, etc. 

The program begins in Secondary 3rd, even though it is also allowed to start it in either the final Secondary Education year (4rd) or in the first High School Diploma year (Bachillerato 1st), once the entrance examination has been passed. 

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Cultural exchange.

A cultural exchange begins when the students start the program, they write their essays and speak to their native teachers in english, which is the language in which the program is driven. Thus, the Dual Diploma challenges the students’ capacity to work in multicultural atmospheres that are different from their everyday environment.

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