The English week.

This week we have been celebrating The English Week here at school. In fact, this year the focus has been less on the UK and much more on The Republic of Ireland, as it was Saint Patrick´s Day on Tuesday, 17th March.

In the secondary school, the pupils have been taking part in a variety of games related with St Patrick´s Day and they´ve been making posters and collages to display around the school. They´ve also learnt a lot about what the Irish do on this special day and the many traditions connected to St Patrick´s Day.

In the primary school the children have also been busy. They have heard stories about the leprechaun, a  type of fairy in Irish folklore. It is usually shown as a little old man, wearing a coat and hat, who is naughty! If a human catches him, the leprechaun gives 3 wishes in order to be free again.

Today, many teachers in the primary section are wearing green, the traditional colour of Ireland.